Mighty Networks - app overview

hello so today we're gonna talk about really interesting app called mighty networks it's it's in the top charts in the social networking category in the us app store like right now number 173 and it has 24 000 ratings 4.8 average rating here um and that's uh yes like super interesting app basically this is just like uh better facebook groups as i understand it you have all these mighty networks or in other words these are just communities groups of people around specific interests like so for example you can have a group around running or climbing or i don't know reading and then you just have like all the members all the topics and events and you can see all the updates all the posts there you can see your network meet your people then you can just follow each member you can start conversations send messages um yeah that's then you can also style online courses directly in the in the network organize as many subgroups as you like so really nice kind of like facebook group experience organized in in the right way um so let's just open the app i will show you it's like super easy to use so i was just playing around you can just create your account with google facebook and then you land on the screen like this where you can create your own mighty network or find the mighty network so it means basically you can find some community here are some highlighted communities mighty community building a thriving online business powered by community on mighty so yeah for example let's see this community so i already created an account uh so each mighty network asked me to create a new unique identity you can use the same login information for other networks so changing depending on the network you are joining so then i can just continue with google so here i can just write it here agree and continue and then again enable notifications and then i i'm joining this mighty community here you know so that's that's the community and then as like in the facebook group or something i just see all the all the posts uh all the videos um like guides different notification different posts i can use a filter here filter and sort like filter by everything your activity all the like events for example and then i just click done okay so now let's wait now you can see there is some engagement drop features workshop live workshop and then you can see either it's like live video or crowd crowdcast or zoom and then i will show you later it is super easy to actually connect zoom to this app and it integrates perfectly but you can also use crowdcast uh here and then that's the sidebar of the community you can see all the advanced courses you can contact support team and there are different courses two minute design accelerator mighty refresh so just two courses right now but as you can imagine like the the power of communities is is super important these days especially in the web 3 like crypto eras where you need to have um yeah all these like strong communities to support your projects so that's why mighty network is the interesting app then you just tap in top left you will see you can switch from different communities so for example this community about running as you can see this is not that a big one there are like three members here they're all offline and then you can just create a post you can add a topic attach something so that's the post and then there is your profile here you can edit your profile at mini bio at your location topics your for you follow like you can edit your profile you can add some personal links so okay i'll just add the link to my personal blog you can also visit it for some nice tips about apps and software then i can just click done so something like that that's my profile so yeah there you have it uh this one my posts if i posted something i can just say click post edit share you just delete or copy the post id so similar as you have it on facebook or some other networks so that's fun um and then yeah uh so then you just engage here let's see what happens if i want to create my own mighty network so that's interesting like if i want to create my own community uh and then just name one network then i just need to accept here i can add this name but i can change it later asking me to accept notifications and that's it so my mighty network is created i can add a post here just an example of course it's not but i'm just showing you like how it works you can just add like a post similar to facebook groups um [Music] then you can just go live here um name your live stream then you have your camera microphone detected so you can do that if you want yeah so something like that then there is type of community which is private then there is personal settings yeah you can invite other people here just tap in white and then you will invite others and then you can have your account you can change your email then yeah you have network settings uh so here you can add it uh description location company website so i can just add and just save it domain you can use your own domain for this community which is cool then you can send change this community from private to public to secret or paid members can sign up and join once approved by horse or if they receive an invitation anyone who doesn't meet these requirements will be asked to fill out a form so i can just change it to yeah to change it to public and then i can save it so i can disable or yeah enable search indexing for your seo or something like that and that's basically the settings you can always yeah you can upgrade here um and then you can invite people and charge them money for yeah for for your events or for your content and just monetize your community so that's actually pretty cool and you can utilize this app a lot i think it's pretty powerful so that's like a standard app for creating your own communities and then that's these are your personal settings so i just can go here here is my account as i told you manage zoom option where you can just sign in resume and just see how that works then you can just switch networks again like if i go into running and then i have my account and then in the in the mighty network in this network i can just tap deactivate my account and my account can be deleted here because this is not a network i own this is just some like guest network which i joined so here i can just deactivate my account so that's basically that uh i can always engage in the chat i can create a new chat i can start the chat with someone else i can create all these video calls so that's super fun super interesting app actually it got my attention recently because it was in the in the top charts in the in the app store in the us in social networking categories i was like just want to check it out yeah so i think yeah the overall idea is these are just like facebook groups but you can really utilize the power of communities via this app and utilize them for full scale so yeah hope that is helpful uh that was a quick overview hope it wasn't that boring you can always visit my website my personal blog mr hyde. you can search for my podcast mr hakio where i try to describe interesting apps and technologists and yes thank you for watching yeah see in the next videos

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