so here is interesting app mirror io it basically is sketch makeup and zoom error so it turns your iphone into the mirror so some of you probably used your iphone already similar but yeah it's it's pretty unhandy i would say of course you can just use your like you know camera so here you can just use your camera and then just look it as a mirror but why to do that if you can just have a separate app so let's just see how it works how to create an account you can allow notifications and yeah then it just looks like a camera so you can light it up so you can add some brightness you can switch it then you can access photos and upload some photo here then you can basically zoom which is really cool feature so yeah uh something like that then sorry and then i can just select the photo and compare that with some other photo so basically yeah that's how it works um so if you want to use it before some zoom call or something like that uh that's the app you can try out um so that's basically it definitely cool app especially like you know you can add some lightning if you don't have enough of lightning here um and then yeah just try different angles and see how that might work um so that's basically the idea uh here of the app um you can reach out to support at me or are your hdmi com uh you can see privacy policy terms of use and that's basically it so i think super handy app because obviously today's work super hard to to bring with you like some mirrors everywhere but you often have like all these distant zoom calls uh like microsoft teams meeting webpacks whatever you are using google me and sometimes you can just look up or you can just use this app sick big mirror instead of like you know carrying it in your bag so give it a try thank you for watching

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