Mivo - Music Video Maker - app overview

hello everyone so here is this app called meevo music video maker let's install it and see how that works so here you can see all the templates all the face swap 3d effects slideshow musics export all of this feature amiibo is the best photo video maker create a photo video is in only three steps applied with deep fake tag meevo can now help you make a trendy facebook videos as well add music video effects add music to video photo slideshow maker share the video on social platforms so that's the overview basically uh and let's just wait until it installs you can now to send notifications uh it sends you uh to the this free trial so you can get free trial if you sign up for okay annually there is a little mistake there but basically here is the app uh you don't even need to create an account seems like that and then i can i have some free gift so okay let's just open the app again here you can see all the templates i can discard the gift i just watched it here you can see all the videos so let's just try this anime and then there is an ad again so yeah probably if you're trying to use this app a lot you need to really upgrade so here i can just upload my image so here is the editing process in this app you can just add few pictures and there is a soundtrack attached and you can see all these different cool effects use all these effects and then of course if you want to remove watermark music you can just do none or you can add your own music and then you can just choose expert size basic quality and then it's just exports so that's in very short presentation that's basically how the app works of course you can add much more advanced videos up to 13 photos and then just share it on social media so there are different templates and the apps marked with the crown in the bottom right are premium then there are all these different categories new ai face so for example this one i want to try to make a video with my face here so let's just tap this photo and here is the face swap video so yeah it looks pretty cool right i think the face swap is really nice and then you can just save it in a nutshell that's how this app looks like and works hope that is helpful

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