MobilePay Box how to use?

hello so mobile pay is one of the most popular apps in denmark to send money but did you know that there is that feature which is called box mobile pay box uh collect money for your next event for your next trip just yeah easy way to share money and collect money with your friends or colleagues family and it's free when you create up to 999 danish chrono that's free to create this mobile pay box but when you have received thousand danish chrono it costs 15 kronos and then another thousand and under 15 and again and again and the money is drawn automatically from the box so let's just try to create a box choose an image and then you just created that your box is ready [Music] you can see settings you can type requests requests via link you can copy link and then just share this this link is with your friends you request via qr code request your link or something so that's that's the idea and then just share it you can also buy in um yeah so that's that's the idea it's pretty cool feature so definitely give it a try                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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