Moises AI app how to use? Complete overview

okay so here is uh moises ai app uh to install it on iphone just type cat and it's 66 megabytes and you just need to confirm with your face id or touch id so this app is going viral as a vocal or voice remover app and you can just separate tracks uh using artificial intelligence so for example if you just have a track then you can just uh separate vocals and just have vocals or just have like karaoke version without saying and just like a playback you can just import any file from url uh export and share and there you have it so all of it can be done in the in the app on mobile which is absolutely amazing so yeah let's try to create an accountso i'll just use sign in with apple so super easy super fast and then account is created and then so here is some demo [Music] then you can transport the music to any key here you can start metronome here so something like that you can control stereo you can use headphones and then you can just export that so yeah if you want to remove vocals you can just remove them here if you want to remove drums you remove them there and then yeah then you can just export stream display charts remove bus or add more bus other yeah so that's absolutely amazing [Music] you can also search my lib library or you can add new song so you can okay so the free plan supports um songs up to five minutes upgrade to premium for extended duration and you can import songs from a url from itunes from files app and supported files are mp3 valve flag and for import move wma so you can just import from so for example i have this artist from soundcloud and i can just try to import songs from there yeah also from itunes so for example this so then you can just select two track separation vocal from or instrumental uh four track separation or five track and then you can select to preserve high freq frequency about 11 kilohertz um but yeah for that you need to upgrade to premium so here are some advances if you decide to upgrade to premium version you have file duration of 20 minutes you have only five uh unlimited number of files per month unlimited processing mode smart metronome pitch changer speed changer cloud storage and all of that for 3.99 monthly or you can subscribe for 39.99 yearly and yeah so that can be a good deal if you're a musician and you're dealing with this stuff all the day so you can try this out and yeah but let's anyway just try to use this and then this will take a few minutes to process the file then you can also invite friends here then that's your account that's yourprofile you can go here and go to your account so in case you want to delete your account i'm not sure if you can do it right from here so let's just try it out so yeah this app is also available on on the web so you can go on the web um yeah but also it is in the app and this app is really interesting you have all the settings here you can also add your goals you can add your skills and maybe it will just help to have the better experience on the app so that's that basically i see uh okay the the music is still processing i'm not sure if upgrading to premium will make your processing faster as in other apps like rambo ai or something when you upgrade to premium you just have a faster speed not sure if it will work out here but yeah that's the idea so yeah but again you can just go to the demo version and you can just select all of these specific tracks listen and just have fun really with this app so it's super cool uh so yeah so that's the app guys hope you enjoyed this quick overview uh please put a likecomment subscribe visit my website check out my podcast mr hakio yeah on my website i just collect all the tutorials about these cool apps and i run a newsletter so you can become a member and just access a lot of content about this kind of unique and really awesome apps and i also have another website online where yeah i just collect all my knowledge about how to grow youtube and online marketing and all of that so you can check that out as well anyways thanks for visiting my channel thanks for watching to this and if you have any additional advice about this particular app just leave it in the comments below thanks again for checking this out and see you in the next videos

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