Moises AI app - trying to remove music

okay so here is this really cool app uh vocal remover app noises uh which is also ai music platform and it's going viral you can see it's in the top charts uh so let's try to test it out with some songs so to add a song you can just tap here on the plus icon at the bottom on the free version you can add up to five songs per month up to five minutes each track then you can just import from urls so i'm just trying this file from uh soundcloud and here what you will see there is like two track separations so you can just remove vocals and instrumental there is four track separation vocal drums pass and other vocals from bass keys another so five track separation is only available on the premium let's try for track separation also if you want to preserve high frequencies you need to upgrade but then let's just try this out and then i will see that uh the sun is processing and it's cured [Applause] here i have just another and then i can see all the charts in top right and apart and then i can just remove drums for example as you can see or i can just have on the drums i can have a pass and then i can just tap export and i can export individual tracks or export mix i can also enable metronome here as you can see here is the metronome so that's kind of super cool uh yeah the way to [Music] test this app and then that's your library you can remove or delete songs from here but of course if you're using free account you can't upload just a lot of songs instantly and the processing time is a bit longer so yeah there you have it so that's basically how it works hope this quick overview was helpful

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