Moises app - how to add media from your device gallery? New feature

here is moises ai app and recently they added a feature where you can add media from your device's gallery specifically from your camera roll you just need to tap here and then you have access to your videos and then you can just upload your own video video you created to the app so you can just use it i'm just will show you an example um just you know some video how it will work like but for example you went to some concert or i don't know you are singing some song or you know just yeah you have like your own band or you are a musician and with this app you can separate vocals drums pass and others so here you can also you have different options uh like uh you have you can separate three tracks five tracks and all of that so you can just tap submit and then it will upload and it is possible with the video file to separate that so if you have for example have video of your music band there is guitar drums and voice you can experiment and remove voice or remove drums in the video and then yep then you have uh this video here here's moises ai app and now and then as you can see i just removed to remove the audio from the from the video so now there is no audio and now you can import uh because this was just another video description just some random video to show you an example the other question is it is not possible to export it as a video so you can export it like a separate tracks but it's that's what it is it will export it as an audio file and then you will need to use some other software to combine these two tracks together again um so that's what a lot of users are asking um especially like on in comment section because i might alright uh other video about moses ai app and a lot of users are just asking this exact question like can you also generate video file so i'm not sure about it anyhow thank you for watching hope it was helpful enjoy this app

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