MOKY Random Video Chat - app overview

so here's interesting app which is called moki random video chat so let's just tap got to install it so this is the app random video chat live video chat you can connect with your friends all over the world so you can just use touch id to install you can do live video chat live stream make new friends message new friends let's party so you can just join chat and talk about different hobbies morky makes it easy to meet new people and live video chat random video chat live stream go live make new friends in 10 seconds and there are over 12 million users worldwide online uh so that's about it so let's just open the app and let's see how it works so to create an account i just need to sign in with apple so let's just do that or you can sign in with email so then you just select your interests so then the app wants to get get access to your camera and then yeah basically you just have access to chat to discover to yeah here it is to the your live video and that's basically it so here in chat uh you can see all these emojis so then you can just tap random live then you can see type here to start chatting with other people and then of course you can upgrade you can change your name you can add photo avatar uh you can yeah just so someone can just call you so this is yeah just an overview of or yeah random video chat apps a lot of them are quite spammy and not the highest quality but let's see how how this one performs uh you can see who likes you and there are already like two messages in chats so you can just like for example block or report someone yeah because sometimes it can be just you know spammy and scammy and all of that so that's that's your app so hope hope it is helpful and thank you for enjoying this quick overview

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