here's interesting growing and popularity app which is called moments The Art of Living uh the final update before moments becomes Fuller social so that's that this app I don't think it's completely released there are still new features and uh maybe it will be completely released a bit later but here it is it's a vital Network that enhances your present past and future social life by providing moments and ways to leave here and remember them so if you just open it you can just create an account easily so do it now you can reserve pretty cool username and then the whole idea of the app is that you can kind of create moments some like create photos and videos attached to some special moments in your life I understand this is how it can look like uh some like pictures images from your special days special occasions songs you just tap into the plus icon in the bottom here you can see my laptop then you can explore some modes there are all these different moment modes party mode memories all the media will remain locked until it happens 12 hours uh unlock the content with a selfie create a trailer with the best of the moment so basically you create a party moment and then it's locked for 12 hours group mode ideal to create a shared moment with friends family Partners say goodbye to asking for Quality the next day now you already have them share your photos instantly with the rest of the group all the content is Unified in a single folder solo Mode Personal and private space upload it to the cloud always at your disposal memory mode share photos instantly with the rest of the group upload it to the cloud uh so yeah some like I still honestly don't really get like the concept I'm trying to get near it so as I understand like you have you have these pictures attached to specific moments uh and for party mode for example you are on the party you take these pictures then they are locked for 12 hours and then you can unlock it with the selfie or you can just create like I don't know okay so here is group curious part Heroes memory mode uh create mode okay let's try to create mode so I just type create I need to upload some video okay whatever and then I can just share it with my friends or just with me and then I just type create and then I just created this moment so now I have this this moment in my timeline and then this is the moment and it's it's attached to specific date and location and then you can see participants of this moment you can add in white link to that and then you can also add more moments from gallery from camera or you can delete for you or you can archive so basically think about this app as kind of like a you know like Photo folder in Google photos or apple photos like you had some birthday and you created the moment for that then you can invite specific people to that moment you can collaborate with them you can share a link to this you can yeah so basic it's like a social communication Instagram but organized around specific event and around specific moments so like you have a cool party you just throw out all the photos around it and then you just discuss it and have fun so that's I think that's the main concept uh then you have all these badges you can tap on Three Dots and top right you can see you can delete your account if you want because in this kind of app it's super important to keep the privacy if you want you can create a public profile only people that follow you will be able to see your posts only people that follow you will be able to see about so that's what you can do then you have manage account you can edit it you can change your name last name username you can change your link description so that's what you can do here and then here it just looks like a standard like social media app um I don't know what exactly badges are and then you can see your timeline in the in the yeah in the bottom right tab so yeah that's basically the idea uh that's how how the uh how the app looks like I think they still will develop it and I will uh introduce more features for now this is what it is uh of course like to add friends you can just search for people you can follow someone uh there are not that many users yet as I understand uh so I don't know if you if you just follow someone is adding friends or uh yeah um so that's basically that um so that's the idea of the of this moments app I'm just really curious to see how it develops and with further updates it brings because it seems it's it's really catching up it's getting some traction a lot of people right now really interested in anti-instagram app like be real in some authentic social media where you just don't shop off but you just share your special moments just or everyday life or you've been yourself just be the close group of people with your close friends and you're not showing off that you are driving some expensive cars or visiting like some you know some amazing things just to show off you just sharing your private experience and social media is becoming much more uh uh yeah uh kind of private um so here you can see a lot of reviews this app was here just uh some time ago as well but um seems it just went viral right now probably it's just because of tick tock usually if the ad out of Note bar just going through the top charts maybe there was some viral Tick Tock video a few videos getting like millions of views anyways if you want for this video to get millions of views please put a like just below this video that's why this this way you will help YouTube algorithm to show this video to more people uh so just put a like super easy for you to do it and also visit my blog and check out my Tick Tock thank you for watching let's explore this app get this app downloaded I think it's amazing see you in the next videos

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