here's money on app so let's tap on expenses recording so for example i purchased something for 100 and then i just should enter it like expense category what did i do it for so for example i'd used it for eating out i cannot select location i can add a tag and then i can just save it yeah and then you can create your shared wallet you can get notifications and there you have it there is also some subscription and there you have it so now i added this expense and i can also add another one so i also spent like let's say this and then category i spent it on haircut let's say i can just add some note again i can add some tag i can add location and there you have it um so yeah this my these are my expenses for july i can see the summary uh here that's nice and then uh i can see yeah budgets transactions reports that i can also create some report but that i need to subscribe for 99.199 per month then there are settings you want to delete your account please email us at support money on dot co so you can do that and then there is a cool feature which is wechat today view uh um so that's basically that uh you can set up what you want to have and yeah let's try to set up a widget so i just tap and hold on my screen and then i see plus icon and then i just need to search for money on sometimes for these apps there is a bug that widget is just not displayed here in the search um so for that you need to you know to restart the app and to uh yeah do that and and then uh you have all these different types of widgets and you have like you know all overview of your expenses your budget um so that's that so for example i like this one i can just add it here and then i can see expenses from here then i can tap plus icon and then i can see like you know uh i can also record a text message or something so that's that there is also expense or income categories i was just curious if it's possible to add like a you know connect your bank or something like that um then there is a referral program here well invite a friend here once you sign up and use this mono you will have plus one invited friends and then uh when you have more you can get smaller award so you can see all the stuff here and then here is my invitation link so you can use this one link has been copied and then for example if i want just to share it with you i can just tap it here so okay this is a long link but you can you can try it out if you want yeah and you will help me out as well so that's the app definitely interesting app and then if you just search for it and yeah so it was recently in the top charts uh here in the app store so here you can have it so you can see 93 ratings so far uh expense tracking perfection we found that doing us helps us be much mind more mindful and intentional about spending money support from multiple currencies ability to share a budget and track expenses together uh i love it uh so this app was here for a while like from four years ago but seems because i just added this widget option um it's uh yeah it's it's getting quite popular and yeah also in some economic downturns uh these apps are getting more popular so hope that can be helpful and thank you for watching

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