Monetization options for FACEBOOK PAGES via Creator STudio

hey everyone so what are monetization options with facebook so you would think like there is youtube uh there is twitter and all of this other social medias enable options when you are creator you can for example have like super followers or uh have an ability to ticket into for people to buy tickets to your events or have brand collaborations all of that i didn't know recently that facebook also has that so let's just have an or overview so there is thing which is called creator studio facebook writer studio and then you can see uh the status of your pages which you can monetize i don't know if you can monetize your personal accounts seems it's also possible but the idea is that if you have a page or account with more than thousand followers you can have some monetization options so let's just go through them so for example these are my pages and by default you have a access to paid online events so you can uh earn the money by hosting events online that guests can pay to attend so that's that's cool so if you have a facebook page i think you is not that many followers you can create this paid online events but then there are more interesting monetization tools similar as on twitter or some clubhouse and other networks like you can enable in-stream ads for on-demand video so if your videos on facebook page get a lot of views actually you can enable ads for these videos i didn't know that so you have view criteria and then uh there is a requirement of 10 000 followers for that page and you need eligible minutes viewed you need at least 600 000 on demand live and pre-slip minutes viewed so 300 0 minutes per 30 days so that's about that so [Music] 300 it's it's it would be around like 300 400 000 views it depends of course in the video maybe 500 000 views estimately if you have that on your page yeah then you can monetize your videos on facebook page then you need to have active videos also you can enable fun subscription create a subscription for your page and earn a monthly income choose the monthly price and all of that stars viewers can buy and send you stars to you during your videos well then there are instant articles monetize your articles with fast load in 90 format so i don't know what that is in stream ads for live um you need to have again 10k followers and then uh you need to have 600 000 on demand live previously live minutes viewed then publish your live videos and brand collapse man manager earn mo money from paid partnerships branded one collaborate on creating and sharing content with your audience you need to have at least thousand followers uh you need to have fifteen thousand post engagement uh you need to have 180 000 minutes viewed one minute use of three minute videos so there you have it uh so you if you do that you can earn money from paid partnerships with brands that want to collaborate and create and sharing content with your audience so that's the idea here so there you have it that's basically how it works um these are the options for facebook monetization if you have any experience or any ideas around it please put it in the comments below just like interesting to hear i didn't know all of this stuff i just recently discarded mark zuckerberg posted something on on facebook so that's that English (auto-generated)                                                                                                                                                                                    

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