hey there so here is MoneyGram app and uh yeah here's just a quick overview how it looks like um yeah this this is one of the best apps to send transfer money uh you can super easily create an account um yeah just entering your email password phone number um then then you will need to verify your identity I think it's at some point to be able to actually successfully send a transfer so these are the documents which are accepted and then yeah you can just scan it like with your camera like that so easily U.S driver's license state ID password U.S residence permit green card and something like that and then uh yeah here you can also have a uh some overview so like uh which is which you can also use even with before creating an account is up just to calculate the rates of exchange if you actually need to use this app or if it's cheap for you so for example okay I want to send like a thousand dollars and then I want to change the country so I want to send thousand dollars to like I know Canada or UK and then yeah then the person will receive like uh 825 pounds and then you just wait a bit and then you have all of these different transaction methods so you can change payment method a debit card to direct bank account seems to be the cheapest and then you can just customize uh debit card deposit it's also kind of cheap and then in the bottom you can see breakdown of total cost and specifically your fees and then you can see here bank account can be from zero to four business days direct card deposit can be few hours cash pick up can be a few minutes but then you have 15 fee then you can select online bank transfer also available in few hours but then it's like 15 fee or cash it location fees where I so it's kind of like a combination of transferwise wise app or Western Union and MoneyGram has a lot of like uh you know like physical locations in many countries so it's kind of like one of the alternatives to Western Union apps uh so yeah that's pretty cool and then you can just cancel that then you see here that you can actually invite friends if you have invitation code or friends invited you uh then um yeah you can have this invitation code and then uh yeah you can just invite friends or feel free to use my code as well so if you just try out to use the app just earn this uh like uh enter this code and then you will have some zero feed transfers uh uh for the few transfers you need to uh like um I do not research more what exactly the terms are like how many transfers are you getting all of that then uh you can get plus Rewards and then if you just sign up for this reverse program you can also get some nice perks track and receive also cool features so you can just enter like a reference number of your transfer your last name and then you just set up your are you sending or receiving and then you can just easily track your transfer and then here you can manage and see locations on the map just give a location to the map and instantly see all of the all of the like physical stores in near you and then also you can instantly pay bills for some organization uh you can just enter like receive code like four digit code uh I'm just entering anything here so for example and then you can uh just basically enter the amount here like for example I want to send a hundred dollars and then you see some descriptions here payments received after 11 59 PM CS Central Time generally credited the next business day very much generally post within two to three business days and then you can see payment method uh either credit debit card cash locations or different fees um yeah so it's pretty convenient um this is the main functionality of the app uh it's pretty cool very easy to use very like kind of minimalistic design you can figure it all out then then here you also have live chat you can instantly contact support uh either live chat or you can submit a email ticket then you can just tap profile deletion and then uh you can just instantly delete your account from here just by submitting the form and so yeah something around that um uh so yeah that's basically the idea uh hope that is helpful

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