MoneyGram app - how to use? Quick overview

so here's MoneyGram app it's one of the top money sending apps um so you can think about like Western Union or you know brags or uh some other apps it's like pretty simple very popular in US it has over 1 million reviews on the App Store so yeah uh you just need to create an account super easy to create an account then you need to upload ID to finish registration so either us driver license type ID password us residence permit any scene and then you can just send money so for example I want to send a hundred dollars and like to England and then I see all these different methods which is pretty advanced in this app so either you paint by typing the credit card 100 fee or online bank transfers and series 4.99 free cash just location um but then you see that uh or like debit card and then debit Cash Card deposit so yeah you just select anything and in that you see the total cost calculator you see the fees additional referral discount don't look into it this is just my referral discount for referring people does this app um yeah and then you just figure out it like this um um so yeah then you can just invite friends so feel free to use uh this this app uh so RF array fq KQ for p f m and then you can earn zero fee transfers when you invite friends to try MoneyGram so that's what you've just seen I invited probably one person and I have zero fee transfers then you can track and receive you can check your reference number your last name of the transfer and then you can just track it you can find the location of nearest uh MoneyGram location near you which you have plenty in United States then you can just buy bills you can just select a select company and make a payment and that's basically it's a super simple app to use a dangerous support there are some settings um here you can just enable all of that um so yeah that's basically an idea of the app there are all these FAQ section which you can easily find out and track here so yeah also follow for some additional information you can go there so that's just basically an overview uh hope it was helpful a really cool app and thank you for watching

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