MoneyGram - how to get a ZERO FEE TRANSFER with a referral discount?

how to get zero feed transfer on MoneyGram uh super easy and they have amazing program which works post for me and for you if you're want to use the referral code so you can just tap invite friends and then yeah here is my code you can use it and then for example if I uh want to invite someone you can just use my code so this is the code here [Music] rafq kq4pfm for zero fees on your first transfer so then yeah you can just insert that referral code and then you can have zero fees on your first transfer uh and then of course you will still have fees after the first transfer uh so yeah then there is some plus Rewards app uh so you can also do that but yeah when you want to send the money so for example I want to send like USD then for example in my case as you can see I have a referral discount and it's like I don't need to buy anything because I have already applied someone sign up with my code that I got a free transfer and I'm getting as well free transfer of money uh so it's pretty cool um just want to figure out where to enter this code um I think it's only possible to enter this invite referral code when you create your account so if you didn't use this app before you can create your account for first time and then you can insert my referral code and then uh yeah then you'll be able to to have a free first transfer

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