Music360 app Aaliyah how to get app?

hello everyone so this is music 360 dot app so it's not available in the app store google play store is just as it's coming soon to the app store coming soon to google play so it's not available in the app store you can't get it yet but why it's getting so much hype this app is because there is some new unheard music from ali yeah and then you just can sign up and get uh enter your email and when it's available you will just get the notification so i think that's just using it to promote the app this way so yep so if you want to get that [Music] playlist and then that tracks you should just sign up for the list here that's the one thing you can do because otherwise the app is not available and it's just basically like a one-page website but yeah if you want to get it just sign up here also leave your comments below what do you think one is available i don't have any other insights when it's available or when it will be out and all of that so hope that is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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