Muze - Canvas app - how to create an account?

here is new trending app which is called muse canvas make and share whatever so let's just try to get it and install it on iphone so i just tap get it then i just use touch id to install so maybe you heard about locket widget or widget pal or noted widget so the bunch of these apps came viral after some viral tick-tock videos and they're just using this widget feature on updated ios systems on iphones where you can have widgets on your phone and your friends can have widgets obviously and then you can just share some information between these widgets just like this so you don't need to go to like whatsapp or messenger or you know telegram to see the image you can instantly see it changing in real time and that's a really cool feature a lot of people like it so you can just share your day with your friends with your partner or something like that and they just can instantly see the update and it's really fun um so on the muse app you can make and share whatever to your friends home screen send photos from your camera or use custom stickers and cutouts to make something special look back at shared memories with you and your friends muse is perfect way for best friends couples and families to stay close and surprise each other of his fun creations so there you have it um this app was just released there are only 12 writings but let's just open it up then i just need to start here i need to add a phone number and then yeah i can just enter the code and then i can just enter my name uh i can get your access to to some contacts and i can skip and then i can just set up the widget so something around that oops and then i can just um okay i need to take the photo and then i can just use it and then i can send it to muse team or something like that so yep uh there you have it uh that's what you can do then you can add friends here send feedback uh yeah so similar to locket widget or noted widget and yeah the idea is that then you just need to install the widget on your phone and your friends needs to install the widget

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