muzmatch dating app - how to create an account?

hello everyone so here is the app which is called moose match arab and muslim dating so let's just tap on this app and then you can just use touch it to install um [Music] so yep uh there are a lot of dating apps of course like tinder badou bumble but sometimes you just know specific category of people so like if you're interested in dating muslims or you think uh it will be much easier for you to find a partner this way there you have this app so our hundred thousand muslim wedding signs to wounds match and 300 new couples every day so let's just open the app and let's just you know explore the process how to create an account so you can create an account easily with google facebook apple or just continuous email so i can just continuous apple then use my touch id of ice id and then i can just get started my gender you can just add name then you can just type and where you born see profiles and that's basically it okay no so now you can like profile you can pass profile so like in like in tinder so there you have and then you just have all the profiles here like that so then you just search for the and then you can just unlock filters here so there are filters there is ethnicity [Music] you can select all these sucked preferences um age like any age you can select here something like that that will be the filter you can set up filter without uh your without actually paying so and then you can just unlock chat so that's basically the idea so hope uh yeah then location limit by distance then you need to enable location limit by country you can enable country where i'm located right now so there you have it um so yeah something like that and then you can just create your profile you can select all of these so there you have it then you can just add photo so you can just add a photo here so just for this sake i will just do that photos visible and then you can just tap continue and then you can get verified uh you can need to show verified you need to add phone you need to add selfie and then agree to the etiquette and that's basically it so you need to uh get verified to show your profile to other people so hope this is helpful that's how you create an account thank you for watching

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