MxM News app - doesn’t work, bugs, black screen, can’t create account - what to do?

so here's minute by minute news app and so far like it just launched it seems like it's a really like smooth app but there are some glitches and bugs like one of the biggest issues as i'm reading through the reviews here is that some for some people who are not that tech savvy there are some glitches uh and for example there is like a black screen if you just open the app and then trying to read some news there is a black screen nothing happens then you probably need to restart your phone and then it starts working again or something like that or you need to restart your app so some people really have that i'm just trying to find the exact review uh but overall it should work fine some people also tell them that there are too many ads however i didn't find the way to upgrade in the app and and i also didn't see any apps or or pop-ups so um so yeah some people write glitches i cannot even use the app every time i open any newsletter you see black screen is no way out other than turning off my iphone so maybe just try to restart the app you know just double tap and try to swipe up the app this is why you will restart it um try to i don't know just yeah restart your phone try to check wi-fi connection or 4g 3g connection um try that um then also there are people saying that there is no landscape mode on ipad and there are buggy they tried signing up i have yet to get a confirmation email i also wonder why uh when new site needs an email before you can see anything so why signing up unable to create an account and then the app just hangs up doesn't finish the setup email established as user gets email already news but doesn't finish his password so as you can see like too many issues are some people just can't create an account some issues email verification doesn't come true or just the app just hangs up and not finished the setup account process other people have issue with like black screen just not plotting nothing works only if you turn off your iphone and turn it on back again yeah then it works um yeah and also there is no landscape mode if you like to read news on ipad if you know if you're using ipad and connected to your keyboard you won't be using portrait mode you just want to have this app in landscape mode but it's good that at least they have ipad app um so and some people just not working um so yeah overall that the good the average reviews are pretty high for the new released apps 4.6 that's quite rare because even if you release a new app there will be many glitches and like bugs so just make sure to update to the latest version it should because i will uh update all these uh bugs and glitches um yeah uh so make sure to do that as you can see there is some like uh varsion 1.1 there will be more versions uh improved browsing experience performance optimizations you can always reach out to the app support if you just tap here and below the on the app page in the app store and then you can just reach out to the support um somewhere here or you can just go to privacy policy and scroll to the bottom usually they will have an email there so here you can see contact information in the bottom something like that or maybe you can just go in the app and then there is like an option to uh to reach out to support here so help and contact us so yeah just in that menu go there and you'll be able to sub right support at mxtime news or you can just write your email and request description here so something like that hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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