MxM News app - how does it work?

uh so what is the mxm news app and how does it work um so yeah i just found that this app was like in top charts in the in the app store and number one the news category in the us app store so this app claims to offer news articles that cuts through censorship and mines mainstream bias and yeah of course like on my i'm thinking just there is a massive demand for like this kind of neutral news app and it's like a super difficult task to do that of course there are like apple news and google news uh maybe this app will also do something around that uh so i just download it and we will do a quick overview how this app looks like so um there you have it um so that's the app the app launch was first reported reported on by axios on march 22. uh if this app references minute by minute uh but rather than creating and publishing its own articles and minute by minute news app is integration app that scores the internet for articles from other publications so you can find them all in one place so yep that's about it i just don't know like what's the you know um the difference actually between google news and apple news because yeah this app uh minute by minute news app it doesn't provide its own news it just collects again news from all other websites so how it can like claim that news on other websites are also neutral but maybe there is some algorithm hopefully that can you know decide this news from this specter of websites and this residues from that spectre of websites and all of that so yep so after creating a link in your account minute by news minute by minute news site asks you to to select topics which you're interested in so anyways uh let's just open up the app so here is the app itself minute by minute and here's how it looks like super simple interface if you want to uh yeah you can just see all the news you can see swipe left swipe right so you can just do that you can see all the categories international finance live culture you can update your interests uh here are the display options you can select light dark did profile manage notifications you can see your bookmarks yeah so that's the idea and to create an account you can just do it with like apple id or google account or facebook or anything so that's the app as that's how it looks like yeah and then you can just enable notifications and see uh the news like notified uh but as you can see like still the news are coming from like daily wire azure time fed released all of that so it's still the news aren't just still taken from the regular website so i think there is much more potential in apps like that just to bring in their own use and making them completely neutral or something like that because there is like a huge demand right now i think to make media kind of more better and much more precise and yeah anyways uh that's the app

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