hello so here is trending app which is called m news so as you can see it's number one in the charts like magazine the news category on the us app store so let's just install to see how it works it says this app provides credible created news and uh yeah so eminem news delivers creative news that cuts through the censorship maestro bias and institutional dominance that has left society divided and misinformed the platform allows readers to access the news that matters particularly when it's being ignored uh updated minute by name with a new news coverage from a diversity of publications and topics readers have a one stop to be informed and stay informed so that's the app um let's just explore it in my opinion i don't know much about this app but for sure there is like a demand for you know just very neutral news app which is not on either side not on the right not on the left uh because there is you know a lot of concern about media how it became not like just you know neutral news source but just like a more like opinion sources but anyways so here is the app so let's just create an account you can log in with google files facebook twitter or you can just sign in with apple i just usually use signing with apple for me it's the fastest way to create an account in the app if you want to try it out of course you can also just sign up is with your email so here you can select your interests and then so now you can select card views you can select categories you can bookmark uh and then you can just long press to see some preview yeah so yeah something like that so that's the app again i don't know like the back story about it but this is how it looks like so the main point of this app is like super simple just provide like neutral uh overview of uh of the news uh however you can see that this app just collects news from bbc cnn associated press by hollywood reporter all of that so i don't know if this app is you know how it it becomes neutral if it's just still just republishes the news from these sources which have a lot of questions toward them uh but uh yeah i mean because like on on the each side of the spectrum you have like all these new sources which recently have some people saying they have kind of become more like opinion sources not just like neutral news apps and medias so there you have it that's how you create an account that's an app you can search anything you can search for the news those are like trending international finance money life culture update to interest and there you have it so that's the app um yeah enjoy it i don't know if it's on android or any other device

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