MXM News - is SIGN UP required?

uh some people in this i'm exam nukes app are just asking like why do you need to create an account for a new source seems like no privacy uh and for now no thanks so uh and also like if you yeah so first the question is like why do you need an account for a news app second question is like when you they you try to sign up and have yet to get confirmation a mile also wondering why a new site needs an email before you can see anything um sign up and then yeah another issue that there are some bugs when you're trying to sign up and sometimes confirmation email doesn't come true or just the app is stuck on the creating an account phase so too many hoops to jump through i don't what i don't want you to sign up or login to consume why signing up you have to why we need to sign up uh and a lot of people are asking that why you need an account and people are concerned about their data like maybe using some ai and then just using our data selling our data to someone else or something like that so here i'll just show you here is the app and i just created an account and this is my like the account what you have here is just your full name and your email you don't have they don't have your phone number kind of you there is some kind of circle you can't change your profile picture but that's it uh but maybe you need your account to update your interests like this so this is the interest where you uh yeah where you can select all the news categories also with the account you can create collections so you can add some news to collections here kind of like bookmark news of course you need an account to be able to add bookmarks because otherwise it's it's not possible um so then there is theme then you can you know yeah help contact at this car and then you can also sign up but if you sign out you won't be able to access the news which is like annoying for a lot of people because if you open any other news app like you know you can just consume the content without an account and in this in this area where people just really expecting to have like neutral source of news like do not invite it into their privacy this feature of creating an account is annoying a lot of users so i don't know what you think what are your stories about it is it the right decision for the app developers what are your alternatives maybe if you are still not happy with this app just leave in the comments below

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