My Aurora Forecast & Alerts app - OVERVIEW

Here is a quick review of the Aurora Forecast and Alerts app that provides information on the best locations to see the northern lights.

Once you open the app, you will be prompted to sign up and give permission for notifications and location access. Afterward, you can see the best locations at the moment to see the aurora, which are mostly in Northern Europe, including Greenland and Iceland. An Aurora map is also available to see where exactly the phenomenon can be observed across the globe, with the app highlighting the top locations.

The app also features live Aurora webcams, which you can select from a collection to get a glimpse of the northern lights in real-time. Additionally, users can set up notifications for daily forecasts and opportunities to catch the aurora.

The app's forecast feature is another standout feature, showing cloud coverage of the location and the probability of seeing Aurora, making it easier for users to plan their trips.

Users can also find some fantastic pictures that capture the aurora from stunning places like Alaska, Norway, Ontario, and Alberta. The app also features sun images and tours to enhance users' experiences to the fullest.

The KP index is a unique feature available on the app, which informs users of the likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights in their location. It also provides them with a chance to change location to increase their chances.

Overall, the Aurora Forecast and Alerts app is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of the Northern Lights. It is available for download on the app store and Google play store.

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