My Bath & Body Works App - Can’t create account

so when i'm trying to create an account in passing body works it says something oops something went wrong it shows this pop-up and basically nothing works and i can't proceed i was just curious how to create an account and seems like that's the message i'm getting now i want me let me sign in can't login consent password and a lot of people have this issue where you even if they created an account for example somewhere on the website probably uh it's not possible then to log in or i can't create an account via app so i don't know if you have the same issue probably you should try to create account for your web browser try to clear your cache try to reload the app restart the app but not sure if that that this will help you entirely so that's about it hope this is helpful i don't know like what else to suggest uh maybe because this app is right now in the top charts it just has a lot of glitches and all of that so yeah um uh maybe just try later when it just goes down a bit in the reviews but on the other hand then the rewards program probably will go away so i don't know what else to suggest this video is just i'm sharing my experience and if you have some other hints or you resolve this issue for yourself just leave it in the comments below then you can help my viewers

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