My Bath & Body Works App - Oops Something Went Wrong Error

so when i try to create an account here in boston body works app i just see here this message oops something one tron and i was thinking what's happening mommy is just my issue but then i just went to reviews and seems like app won't let me sign in so sign in doesn't work every time i try diving into the mobile app it keeps giving me an error message oops something went wrong i know my information correct is because i successfully log in via my web browser can't log in have been trying for days can set password can't even login login what's going wrong something your own app doesn't work uh glitch so yeah it seems there are quite a lot of bugs right now especially that you can't sign up and can't create an account so that's basically that it's this app is running pretty amazing rewards program where you can get some points you can get some products for these points so that's why probably is uh it is in the top charts right now in the shopping category like in united states about amazon about nike it's pretty amazing but yeah that's what it is uh i hope uh i don't know like how to solve it maybe it's only accessible via some territories or because it's so viral right now there are several sides our servers are not functioning properly so what could be the issue i honestly don't know but that's what it is if you have any hints just leave it in the comments below

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