My Verizon app - how to install on iPhone?

hello so how to install my verizon app on iphone so just tap get and then you can use your face id or touch id to install um and there you have it so it's megabytes and from this app you can manage your verizon account anytime anywhere so you can see how much data you have remaining for example you can choose plans to mix match and save make secure payments then score some rewards get some perks shop so you can view your account in one seamless feed get on demand support tools like live chat and step by step troubleshooting instructions monitor data usage change your manage or your account safely anywhere anytime score rewards control entire version experience in just one app and all of that so yeah that that's what it is so now let's just open the app let's see how it works and then here you can instantly get five hundred dollars when you switch and bring your own phone um if you're a version customer you can just sign in into my verizon app from here or you can just join verizon i don't know why it's not working um and then from here you can also contact our support so something like that i'm not a wires any customer but yeah i'm just showing you like quick preview of the app how it might look like okay so there is some bug probably from europe this app doesn't work but there you have it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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