MyChart quick app overview

okay so here is my chart app so to get it just tap get and use your face id or touch id so it's the size is 90 megabytes and then you can just put basically all your health data in the problem with your hands and help you to conveniently manage care for yourself and your family members you can communicate with your care team review test results medication connect your account to apple house your after visit summary schedule manage appointments get price estimates for the cost of care and receive push notifications when new information is available in my chart and all of that basically so yeah let's just open it up and let's see how it works [Music] so you can let's see which organizations are here uh for example in denmark this is our organization but you can add add other ones depending yeah where you receive your health card so like this for example and then you will need to to continue to log in and then you need to have a username and password yeah depending where you are registered so you need to get it somewhere [Music] so something like this then of course you can just delete those i don't have access i think but this is just an idea for you that you can start and register here it should look like this where you will have your visits your messages test results things to do your schedule yeah and all of that take care of your loved ones stay connected uh yeah unfortunately i don't have access to the specific organization but that's it reviews are okay but not excellent it says that it's like app is great but uh not user friendly but you can always contact their support at my chart support dot at and there you have it that's the app                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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