MyHeritage AI Time Machine - app overview

so here is new interesting update from myheritage app so the people who don't know what this app is this app just wants super viral I think a year ago or something like that basically it was like a dni research app but then they introduced a feature where you could have applauded your photos like or some old photos and they started to move so these photos were added some like AI features and they started two more so that was like a super cool feature inside of the app uh how are the whole software around it is just connected to DNA research now there is a new myheritage AI time machine transform yourself into historical figure using everyday photos we're excited to announce the release of AI time Machining groundbreaking and find new features that enables you to transform everyday personal photos into hyper realistic images of yourself as a historical figure imagine the most incredible costume you have ever seen every detail is perfect and it looks and feels authentic what you get with AI time machine is even better stunning seamless images of yourself or a load one as an ancient geek Greek warrior and Egyptian pharaon a Victorian lady or an astronaut in space and there are dozens of iconic historical figures to choose from uh so yeah [Music] this is basically the app and how it works you you can just go and upload uh 10 to 25 photos of one person and then this AI model will just construct construct like a figure of you in some ancient times of course there are so many this AI Avatar images apps right now but see I think they're just trying it out so here is you can just go basically to AI time machine so I think they're just running some kind of like a better version and then you can just give access to your photo library okay let's just try it out why not so selfies and then I just want to add those uploaded photos are deleted immediately once the results are ready and then you can just type like your name and your gender and then it just takes some time to upload your photos then you can sign accept service and sign up with Google please enter your year of birth so for example we can just so yeah something like that and then it should bring me somewhere but seems it's a bit stuck we are creating your images and we will email it once they are ready you're in for real trade AI time machine is just the beginning explore the many ways my Heritage can reveal your family history and bring the past to life so yeah that's the app like I think it's a super interesting like Direction this app is going because my Heritage is yeah it was basically like a DNA software uh uh I mean you know to explore your ancestors like if you are coming like if your ancestors like 500 years ago coming from Europe or like you know like Africa or stuff like that and maybe you have relative some King it's your relative Yeah so basically building this dna3 but now as I introducing a lot of this AI photo features related to some old photos and it's getting a lot of traction actually so this is one of those new features in this app but yeah it just will take a while another AI Avatar apps it takes like 10-15 minutes sometimes to generate all this area Avatar so you'll just receive an email but yeah I just basically show you the the process behind this just follow this I think the super important part of of course is just the quality of selfies you applaud in my cases put just like a test selfies but for you I would just recommend first to use like different emotions and expressions on your selfies because then the battery will have the results the the more uh different Expressions so smile be sad be happy not happy and just include all of that make sure you're alone person in the selfie don't wear any sunglasses anything just good lighting but also different movements different backgrounds anything so all of these details can help to train AI model better and you will just get better richer results if you just include the same picture or just like the same pose intent photos you will have pretty boring results I I tried in lens Ai and Dawn AI uh Avatar image app so that's what you get there but yeah hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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