MyHeritage AI TIME MACHINE APP - overview

so I tried this myheritage AI app to generate images and I just uploaded them through the website through landing page and then I waited some time and then there are they should be ready so there you have it kind of pretty cool so then you have like all these teams like a Egyptian king or then you have king of Mesopotamia Greek god Roman warrior so it's kind of pretty cool Celtic Warrior to create more images you yeah so you can always upgrade there if you want even more of this teams so something like that pretty cool and then there is a new uh uh a new feature also where you can generate AI Avatar and Avatar package is required so then you just need to get it Avatar package which is 300 images um and then yeah you can just get it like that uh and upgrade there so something like that uh yeah so here you can see just the result of that my Heritage time travel feature so go to website and um yeah so this is how it looks like so if you go to AI time machine result and then yeah you will be able to to generate all these images

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