MyHeritage app - Deep Nostalgia - Full overview

What is MyHeritage app?

MyHeritage (also called Deep Nostalgia app or App that brings pictures to life) – is a family tree app with advanced features – such as old photos animations.

You can access MyHeritage app via browser –, App Store or Google Play Store.

Basically, it is a genealogy app, which helps you to grow your family tree, find new relatives, and explore billions of historical records.

It also offers DNA test, which you can order in the app.

You can create an online family tree.

With a Discovery feature, you can search for billions of records.

But, this is not why MyHeritage is going viral at this moment.

Why MyHeritage is going viral?

MyHeritage app is going viral – it is in the top chars in App Store and Google Play Store in US and all over the world.

Why? Mainly because of its viral Deep Nostalgia feature.

What is Deep Nostalgia in MyHeritage app?

You can find Deep Nostalgia feature only on mobile – iOS or Android. If you go to the photos tab in the left sidebar.

From there you can either add photo from your camera roll or scan a new photo. The better the quality of the photo – the better animation will work.

After that you can enable Animation – this is a Deep Nostalgia feature. Old photos become animated with the help of AI technology. At the moment it is possible to choose among 10 different animation sets.

You can also colorize old photos and significantly improve quality of the image.

Additionally, you can also tag photos, add audio notes. And organize these photos in albums.

How to create an account in MyHeritage?

I tried to create an account via iOS app – didn’t work. So, I think a better option would be to create an account via website – you will need to add your credit card, confirm phone number and then you can start a 14-day free trial.

How to delete MyHeritage account?

In case you are concerned about privacy of your uploaded photos, it is possible to easily delete MyHeritage account.


Is MyHeritage app free?

MyHeritage has a 14-day free trial. But, you need to add you credit/debit card. And then it is paid. You can access all the features during the free trial.

How much does MyHeritage cost?

A subscription to access all services costs $299/year, although some features can be purchased separately. Access to searchable historical records costs $189/year. An expanded family tree subscription costs $129/year. The MyHeritage DNA Health kit can be purchased for $199, but is also often.

Is Deep Nostalgia feature free?

Deep Nostalgia feature is included in MyHeritage app on iOS or Android free trial for 14 days. It is possible created animated photos, share them or save them. After 14-day free trial you will need to subscribe and pay.




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