MyNBA 2k22 app can't find in App Store

okay so i'm just trying to search for my nba 2k 22 app so not 2k 21 or 2k20 but the newest one with a like updated face scan and while i'm just searching for that i can't find that app i just only have my nba 2k mobile basketball app and then just like my nba 2k21 app um so that's that and i just can't find it i'm not sure if it's youtube because my ios is 14 probably just requires ios 14.5 but also if you go to website it says on the one part that is like coming soon on the other side it's just that the new nba 2k companion app has arrived download my nba a2k for the free and start creating your legacy so um yeah i'm just not sure how that might work so yeah if you have any ideas if you just click on the link here it just says app not available so i can't find it so if you have any clues like when it will be released or when it's available in the app store and which app store countries is available in and all these details just please leave in the comments because a lot of people are searching for it so it feels super appreciated                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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