MyNBA 2k23 app - doesn’t work, can’t log in

so here i'm just going through and my nba 2k23 app which was just released and it's in top charts in sports but it has super low rating so far 1.7 out of 5. so and you can see here the the issue is that it's just not working app doesn't work uh the most common issue is that people just can't log in so people can't log in either with playstation network easier with xbox uh yeah so or any other service uh so yeah can't login on playstation and yeah psn you just can't log in here so i don't know what the issue here is so i try to sign in with xbox account [Music] so here it is and then it says a valid nba 2k23 say was not found logging nba2k23 with a 2k sports account so that's what it is that's for me was the issue but i don't know i actually didn't play this game on console so that totally makes sense but yeah for you you need to play this game on console and then this is just a companion app so you can't use this app as a standalone as just an app by itself you need to have this game on playstation um or maybe there is some other bug you can always go to their settings in top right and then uh tap to submit the ticket that's what i would recommend to do and then submit the support request during my description and the issue i'm having is and then uh yeah you can have here our message and code and something like this otherwise you can always leave a comment below maybe someone will help you just or if you solve this issue just leave some suggestions below people will help you out

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