MyNBA 2k23 app - quick preview & how to use

here is this app which is called my NBA 2k23 so this is the NBA 2k23 companion app which is has just arrived enter the call and download my NBA 2k23 to connect your console accounts redeem Locker Codes what is the latest video keep up with the latest news and events check out your VC balance and then you can use facecan to personalize your my player in NBA 2k 23 on PS5 PS4 and all these devices Xbox One steam Nintendo switch using your mobile device so basically the idea so you just face your scan using camera in this app and then it it makes this face appear in your game on your console so for that you need to download this app like but the thing is as you can see in the reviews the average writing is pretty low because every year there is a new app like 2K 21 2K 22 2k23 and then every year we deal with 2k not being ready and then scrambling after release to fix a million issues we had to wait for this app and finally it came out and we can't log in all 45 scan could I start my career and not fire scan so there you have it so that's basically there are still a few bugs and glitches at this moment my bit will be fixed in future so for example if you want to to log in you can do that but yeah let's just explore it so here you have settings you can control music Ambient sound effects you can contact support submit a ticket um all of that but the main thing is just tap to start and here you you need to sign in so you can only sign in with as you can see with this accounts like with steam PSN which is like Playstation Xbox and Nintendo so these are the accounts where you can sign in but especially with PSN people have a lot of issues um they just can't sign in no matter what so that's that then I think it's better with Xbox team and Nintendo people are able to log in but still there are some glitches and you need to sign in with the same account you have used for NBA 2k23 if you just for example have Microsoft account and you sign in here it won't work it will say to you like that a valid 2K save needed for this app to start so only use this account if you have like a valid save and then here you have face scan so you have locker code and then you have a 2K TV you have news um yeah so that's basically the idea um so yeah that's that's basically the quick overview I don't have a console account but that's what you have here so that's how you can access this app and uh yeah get access to some of these features um yeah hope it is helpful um yeah if you know how to solve the issues with PSN login or anything just leave it in the comments below but yeah here is the feature with face scan and then there is like a locker code I don't know exactly what locker code is so redeem Locker Codes so that's basically add it um so yeah um anyways hope this quick preview was helpful

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