MySudo app - can’t create an account

hello here is interesting app called my sudo let's try to install it and go through the process so you just tap get um then you can just use your touch id or face id to install it so my studio allows you to create and manage multiple pseudo profiles which is the phone number email address and private browser that can be used for a variety activities such as communicating searching socializing shopping signups and more setting up a sudo profile is as easy as selecting a phone number and choosing an email address at the time when just about every interaction you have online offline times back to your identity mobile number or personal email address my pseudo allows you to take back control by using up to nine different pseudos with phone numbers and my addresses to midnight the ability of advertising scammers and other third parties so that's super cool idea so yep you can just have all these different profiles uh for any activity and then yeah just have that um separately because you don't want to use your main email for signing up to all these stores or all these apps i actually sometimes do that but yep let's just open the app and let's try create an account and see how that goes so then i just need to create my first pseudo i don't know why you can also import existing sudo go to settings backup and import export export to another device and scan this qr code for some reason i can't create an account i don't know what the issue is here maybe it just only works in united states so yeah if you have similar issues just leave it in the comments below

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