MySynchrony mobile app - how to create account?

here is interesting app called my synchrony so let's try to install it and this app is in the top app apps charts in the in the us app store um so yeah you can see 14 000 ratings and download the my synchrony app to securely manage the same private label credit card accounts that you manage on so yeah it's just easier to do via mobile app with this mobile app you will able to log in make payments to your account check your balance and credit limit anytime reviewer transaction and payment history make changes to schedule payments securely add multiple bank accounts that you'd like to use or buy your bill provide feedback and all of that so i'm not sure if it's available outside of your ass but here you can see all the details and then you can just open the app here and this is how it works so either you need at home or you know unexpected car repair so you can manage all the synchrony accounts in one place you can go paperless and that's basically the idea and then yeah you can open an account uh it's uh yeah i think it's only possible to open your account through the website and then you just will be redirected of course you can do it from your mobile device but still only be our website and then here you will just go through the all the offers and then you can see all of the tracks and all the features so then just tap okay so for some reason it just says it's not available maybe it's just not available if you're traveling outside of us but anyhow that's the app that just wanted to bring your attention that they have a mobile app available if you don't like a website so they have a app and that's working

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