NatureID Plant identification app overview

here's interesting app called nature ID plant identification uh yeah this is a quite popular app and I think this developer actually had a whole bunch the whole Suite of apps or maybe not that one but overall uh no okay so that's not the one but yeah there are a bunch of apps in this category you can identify rocks insects birds mushrooms uh and yeah if you just open up here you can just see how it looks and then yeah you can just identify plants it's pretty cool uh and it can be pretty addictive so then yeah you get an account it's quite easy to create an account like that and then yeah you can just uh see what you would like to do with this app is identify plans or all of these other things how many plans do you have fewer than five skill Garden a plant care expert so just depending like what what is that and then yeah then you can just have like novice plant so then you are prompted to upgrade to have a yeah unlimited access and then you can just upgrade for 39.99 per year and then yeah now you're just inside the app uh there is okay there is some special offer 19.99 per year which you can get uh but yeah I just want to try out first uh so then you can just have this snap tips so yeah for example uh yeah let's let's explore just on on the on front like that so I just taken the photo here then there is recognition process and then yeah you just have this uh app identified it and yeah then you can see flowering easy but it says bad toxic then you can just see also a photo gallery of it it's pretty cool and then you can see description uh all of these temperature sunlight soil humidity and yeah so that's basically the idea or there is some other some other match which is this one so sometimes my it's not the best match but at least you have like few options which which you can choose and that's basically the idea then you you can see it like the the weather conditions in the place you are right now uh you can also tag if you see that your plant is not completely healthy you can diagnose then you can also identify rocks mushrooms and other things and then you can just tap to explore and explore tap is just basically your knowledge hap your Learning Hub where you can learn a lot of things and then diagnose and then through home yeah so that's basically the whole idea of it and yeah hope that is helpful

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