NBA 2K22 app scanning your face

hello everyone so i want to scan the face with some new my nba 2k 22 app um i just found this article here so the issue is that i'm trying to download this my nba app by going to the website on ios and it just says apps not available um so yeah it's just a bit weird so and if you're searching in the app store it's also not available um so yeah i i was going to my mpa so if you just search this is the app here and there are already links to app store and google play it says in the bottom the tk companion app has arrived but at the same time it just says coming soon and then if you tap on the app store app is not available so yeah that's just that but like if you got it eventually and it's available it is possible now to scan it uh you just need to download my nba 2k22 um you need to create an account on my player and then select scan your face and follow the on-screen prompts so and it works similarly to nba 2k 21 or nba 2k 20 apps so you shouldn't have any other issues and then uh the data will be uploaded to 2k servers and you will show up in the game automatically and just make sure that you do like a good fight scan because it might result in a poor picture so there you have it uh so yeah use facecam to personalize your my player in nba on xbox one xbox hero 6 ps5 ps4 steam and switch using your mobile device so something like that when the app is out i'll just try to do more uh advanced overview just like to see exactly how it works but that's that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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