NC Lottery app overview

hello everyone so let's explore how to install nc lottery official mobile app so here is the app and just tab cat into app store and then you can just use touch ids to install so this is the app you need um so here is uh you can have this all these games you can have shopping cart find retailers and all of that so the app is 62 megabytes so you need to have that free space so yeah that's about it doesn't have that high reviews this app but it is what it is you can all notifications uh you can yeah see your accounts your rewards and then just go to home so here is uh and home page here there is like a monthly drawings uh there is like for example september monthly drawing then uh yeah so entry start date september 1 and to end a september 30 drawing date october 6 one winner you can win up to 50 000 and then you just need to redeem and for that i guess you need to sign in here so that's the idea you can register you can sign in is there like ticket checker um and then second chance drawings as well here luke rewards then you can just earn and follow that you need to sign in and for some reason it doesn't let me in here there are rewards you can also buy stuff and you can also scan these codes so yeah that's the idea so yeah that's how it works that's basically the app there is help by flick you section and all of this so in very nutshell it's just as how this app looks like hope it is helpful if you have additional comments about it please just leave it in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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