NetBenefits app how to install & how to create an account?

here you have this app which is called not benefits from Fidelity Investments where you can see yeah your account balance and just manage your workplace benefits from Fidelity from sending the documents to accessing your retirement savings stock options health insurance age essay and more easily view retirement savings and other benefits account balances Investments recent contributions and account performance manage your HSA expenses and Investments monitor other accounts including 529 plants and brokerage accounts so that's what you can do just uh yeah install this app and then yeah here you just need to agree and continue and then um yeah welcome us employees or outside you as employees you just need to select here and then just register as a new user and then here you need to verify your identity let's confirm some basic information so you need to enter your first last name date of birth day year and last four digits of SSN so this is if your U.S employee so here you can and then find your employer before you start let's find your employer so for example and then here how would you like to verify your identity is there account number or employee ID you can find your employee ID on the Amazon stock portal or account number on the Amazon stock portal and then for example you just enter that and tap submit and continue with it uh so yeah that's basically uh what you can do uh that's how you create an account here and then just proceed with that this is just like a quick tutorial to give you an idea

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