NEW BING PREVIEW with ChatGPT features so here is just a quick preview um like if you just go to uh you have the standard search field which is here and then in the bottom you have this box where you just have introducing the new being you can sign up for the white list here there is a button to do that so just do that I you just need to sign in with your Microsoft account and then uh yeah you will be able to access this new Bing um so you can try that and uh yeah then you can just tap learn more you can read out and then there are all these examples so it's not yet available to the public this version um you only have like a bunch of examples how it might look like so especially if you enter in this long term queries like if you are not searching on a search engine but if you are speaking with your friends or chatting with your friends like I need to throw a dinner party for six people who are vegetarians can you suggest as three course menu with a chocolate duster dessert so the same as you kind of chatting with uh yeah with your friends and the messenger or whatever and then in the right sidebar you will just did these examples and it's just being generated in real time using chat GPT 3.5 model and then also I like that they have references to original sources so it's just kind of scans also the web for some additional sources and then they just have these replies um and for some people yeah it's it's much more readable actually than for example these search results uh because it's already presented it's designed organized in a way that it's a uh yeah it's it's pretty cool and then um you can just continue chatting and then it's kind of your experience looks like a chat but then if you want to enter another message you just need to tap join the white list and again you just need to sign in with your Microsoft account and I don't know how much time will it take will this playlist take but there you have it that's basically the idea of it so it's pretty cool um yeah so that's the idea um so sign in and try it out

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