New Profile Pic App - Privacy Policy - is it SAFE TO USE?

i'm just going through this app new profile peak app and trying to figure out if this app is actually safe to use is it uh like you know legitimate it's not scam or stuff like that so you can always just go to to their privacy policy and try to read it uh so here it is fought dot dot followed slash privacy website here we can just go together so what they say here what information we collect we collect certain personal information uh that you voluntarily provide to us we collect your name email address username social networking and other information when we provide when you register set up an account uh you might access and store the content your username and photos you provided while using our mobile application inside you might also add stored photos apply fax to them and use them to perform marketing activities so in this case i don't need to create an account in this app there is not such options so they just give have access to my photos while we visit the site we automatically collect such information that's like a standard for non-registered users and users who don't share their results within services the original photos and results are automatically removed from our servers by two weeks after the last interactions for registered users who share the results the shared content will be sourced on the servers shown within the services unless the users removes the images themselves for requests uh yeah there is some facial recognition technologies to detect facing a photo fund requires facial key points and apply effects to your photo a cookie security how you use your personal information to communicate with you or third parties to protest your requests and transactions to improve the services to perform marketing is who we share so your information including photos may be shared with companies and organizations that perform services on our behalf you may share your personal information with third parties to serve your relevant advertising so if you want to remove your personal information to completely delete your account and all associated content and personal data please contact support team at support at photo so that that's what you can do because there is no delete option in in this app so hope at least this overview will be helpful you can always just read this privacy policy yourself by this link you see here in the bottom and hope it is helpful

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