New Profile Pic Editor app - how to add photos or use camera?

here is your profile pic app so to add photos or to use camera here's what you need to do so just tap choose photo here you will need to give access to your photos then here you can just tap on on the green button and you will just go through your camera roll or you can just go through the camera like that so uh yeah you can then just take photo and then basically so and then you can generate your profile picture from your camera so that's what you can do as well so that's what you can do yeah and then you can see how this app generates and then you can see all the different versions of it and then you can share it with your friends it's not possible to add some additional effects here like you know add smile adjust like um [Music] like your t's or your eyes color because you know in a lot of these selfie apps you you can do all of that here it's not possible it's just literally generalized cartoon then you can just add it like the whole selection area maybe you don't want like you know you just want the face or something like that so you can also do that and you can also do it all for free so and then some of the photos are not that great as i think others are okay and in this app they say that you need to like check out it every week later because then you will have some new filters new effects and then you can just constantly update your profile picture so that it kind of looks interesting so that's basically it hope you enjoyed this overview and thank you for watching

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