here is this trend in your profile pic editor app and there are some concerns from people about the usage of privacy of your like photos and your personal data while using this app so i just stumbled there privacy policy here and in case you want to remove your personal information so it says to completely delete your account and all associated content and personal data please contact our support team at support add photo so that's basically what you can try to do so to remove your personal data and delete your account just contact and write an email here if you have any other questions you can also reach out to them and the request to disable your account or your password also can be sent there you can also just tap here in the top left and then tap about leave feedback and then just right here because if you do it via the app you will just see a case id and then your operational system and that will just help to move your your request faster so maybe just do it through the app and just request on something like that just write it to them and hope there is a reply

How to Delete Grindr account perman...
How to Delete Grindr account permanently
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