New Profile Picture Editor app - WHAT IS IT? FULL OVERVIEW

so here's viral a new profile picture editor app so let's just go through overview how you can use it what this app is about and all of that like is this app legit can you trust it so yeah i think this app just went viral on tick tock and this is one of those like tune editor apps where if you are not sure exactly about your profile picture and you just want to make sure that your profile picture looks really trendy and nice and yeah you can just show off to your friends or any other purpose and why stick to one profile picture on your social media let's be different always new and made by ai so this app lets you change your user image style as often as you want they are to be different with the profile pics that reflects your current mood and stat of mind just upload your photo choose from a variety of amazing styles and come back whenever you like it to get an hour uh new profile picture so the core feature of the app this is how been trying to use it is that you can just upload your a picture so i can just tag uh change photo and then i can just give access to camera so here i can just use that and then i can basically wait and then this is how it can look like creating your profile picture and this is basically how it will be created uh so now you have all these different styles of the picture and then for some styles you just need to wait until it's been generated so yeah there are different types of styles and i think they are promising to add more styles so depending on how much like cartoonish you want it to be so this one is kind of cool but um yeah it cut out the half of my headphone in the left and then you can also add a bit more different styles for this specific style so whatever you want and then if you can't decide uh you can post a collage uh yeah so what you can post this on twitter or something like that so you can show caption or hide caption [Music] and then you can just for example share it on twitter uh somewhere and it's like hey my followers please comment which one you like better so something like that and for every style again there are all these different styles which you can choose so something like that which you can decide uh yeah so that's basically how it looks like and then you can just tap here to regenerate it or you can adjust size of the brush and then [Music] i don't know what that means okay and then you can just select what you want uh to be transformed in the profile picture and that's it so i don't need to create an account or anything so it's like very quick um i just give i can leave feedback i can reach out to their support probably or something uh support at photo so if you have some issues but the thing is i don't need to create an account or anything so at least that um and it works pretty smooth and pretty fast and there are apps on iphone on and on android so that works smoothly so you can always easily just change photo you can save and share it and that's basically the idea of the app so yeah this is how it works again you can see all these styles so some of them are good some of them are not that good i don't know it's some of them uh so yeah it just depends and then like the thing is i didn't buy anything i didn't upgrade so it's free i can download the the image and i can share it the one thing of course that there is like a watermark here in the bottom right so there is watermark you can't remove it at this moment maybe this would be like a monetization option where you can pay like some amount per month and then easily remove watermark but at the moment you will need to stick with it so that's basically how it works uh that's the app and it's i think this app is right now going viral on tick tock and a lot of people are you know trying to use it so you if you want to go viral just share it i'm obsessed with it it creates beautiful versions that look as they were hand painted low lollow very nice programs thank you it's amazing to get more options soon uh very good app thanks so much perfect amazing app it's slot slot doesn't do anything so that's that we can also look at some critical reviews that this app just keeps loading there aren't that many reviews yet just 800 reviews overall 4.8 out of 5 average writing so that's pretty good um and yeah this app is still a bit slow uh for some user but for majority of users this works pretty pretty nice there were like some you know concerns is this app actually legit is it safe to use because actually you give access uh to your camera roll so you always should be careful with that because for some reason like out of nowhere there is some random app which surges to top charts maybe someone promoted on tick tock and then you need to give access to your photos and who knows maybe this app in future is not safe and then you just give access to all your photos so people are a bit a bit concerned about that especially that you can't clearly contact like you don't know who exactly that developer is like it can be some indie developer so there is some like safety and privacy concern here and you can't delete your account there are not many options it looks very like easy to use kind of app it looks a bit scammy to be honest like to be completely honest but it does the job so you decide if you want to try it out or not maybe maybe you can disable access to your photos you can always do that just go to settings and go to so here you can disable access to your photos none uh or just give access to selected photos so if you if you're concerned about it so that's what i would do other than that give a try to the app and thank you for watching

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