New SnapChat Bitmojis are horrible… Can you bring back old one?

Snapchat users are expressing their dissatisfaction with the new Bitmojis featured on the popular social media platform. Many fans have taken to the reviews to voice their disappointment and are pleading with Snapchat to bring back the old Bitmojis. As the updates continue to roll out gradually across different countries, users are getting a firsthand look at the changes. Unfortunately, the new Bitmojis are leaving a lot to be desired.

The reactions to the new Bitmojis vary depending on users' previous emoji choices. Some find the updated Bitmojis to be acceptable, while others are less impressed. In my research, I came across Snapchat's support article, where it states that the new Bitmojis cannot be restored. This means that users are stuck with the new versions for the time being. However, who knows? Perhaps if enough users voice their concerns through one-star reviews, Snapchat may reconsider their decision in the future.

Snapchat has a track record of rapidly introducing new features, locking them in, and sometimes reconsidering due to user feedback. This was evident in the recent introduction of their AI chatbot, where users were unable to remove it from the top of their chat list. Similarly, with the new Bitmojis, Snapchat has introduced the update without offering users the option to revert to the old designs. While users can still make some customizations to their new avatars, it requires a significant amount of effort on their part.

It appears that there is no straightforward way to revert to the beloved old Bitmojis. Even users with Snapchat Plus, an enhanced version of the app, have been unable to regain the old Bitmoji features. It seems that Snapchat is intent on moving forward with their new designs and is not planning on bringing back the old ones.

As users adapt to these changes, they can explore the various options available within the new Bitmoji features. These options include modifying the background and taking new selfies to customize their avatars. However, it is important to note that these customizations are limited, and users may not find them as satisfactory as the previous versions.

In conclusion, Snapchat users are expressing their disappointment with the new Bitmojis. Despite the backlash, Snapchat currently stands by its decision not to restore the old Bitmojis. While users can make some customizations, it may not be enough to satisfy their desire for the previous designs. Only time will tell if Snapchat reconsiders its stance based on user feedback.

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