NEWPROFILEPIC app DOESN’t WORK, bugs - what you can do?

i'm just going here through reviews of new profile pic app and for some people it's just lots and lots and doesn't do anything and it doesn't work overall the average ratings for this app are pretty high uh 4.8 out of 5 but there are still not that many writings so let's see so this app lets you create uh profile pictures uh like tune kind of style cartoons from your profile pictures from your photos from your camera and so yeah but for some people it doesn't work so what you can do always you can just double tap swipe swipe app and this way you will uh you will restart the app um you can check out your wi-fi and uh 3g you can restart your phone but for me this app wasn't also starting the first time and i just swipe up restart the app and open again and then it took me like two minutes or something for this app to start up so it's just was loading like that then there was like i tap choose photo nothing happened but then finally after i restarted few times so something like that and then you can see all the about section and you can always reach out to the their support team their feedback so you can just write to support at 4.0 so that's basically that there is also android app you can try it might be if you have android phone maybe it works for better on android but that's what you can do

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