NewProfilePic Picture Editor SAFER ALTERNATIVES

here is this new profile pig picture editor app so there are some rumors that this app is actually not that safe and um it can be really true and i would wouldn't suggest you to install this app and especially to give access to your photos and create selfies so what are can be the alternatives as you can see there are also these two apps so toon me app is also developed by the same developer as uh as new profile peak so i wouldn't trust this developer as well so don't install this app as well but here is tune app which is uh yeah seems it's another developer so you can try this app at least um try it out but yeah again i would be pretty skeptical of all these apps because they are free to use and you give access to your photos especially your selfies and like all these apps can if you read privacy policies they can actually do whatever they want with your data and with your like personal photos so it's actually yeah i would be double checking every app if you really want to use this kind of apps but this tune app it at least has you know some monetization model or you can clearly see that this is kind of a business and they at least they want to earn some revenue because in new profile pick editor app there is no like monetization no ads no premium account so i just use your pictures to generate uh profile pics and that's a bit strange like why like the app would need that maybe they're just using your data and selling it or just using it for some weird purposes so just be careful here at least i think it's a good alternative because this is like a subscription you can see that this is kind of a real app so then you can just give access but still i'm not sure yet about these photos so here you can just create cartoon in this app and then yeah let's see how long it takes but then you still need to upgrade oh no okay so you need so here is the app you can create a cartoon here and that's basically how it works so yep

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