NFL FANTASY app overview & how to use

hello so to install nfl fantasy app just tap get and then use touch id to install and yeah so this is the app you can create your own fantasy team and then compete against like well-known teams so it's just basically like a game app um your control of your very own nfl team so that's kind of cool and then um [Music] yeah you can just sign in i guess or you can okay let's just try to sign in with apple then you just need to add like your favorite team agreed to [Music] and there you have it so now you just created an account that's how easy it is then you have settings and a file account subscriptions um game pass and then create a league then you can just do that okay i just got email from nfl click password and then i just created a leak you can see all the teams you can open link to nfl fans um i can see the feed put new discussion set see players see my job so you just basically create all your own like nfl tournaments and just play around the app so that's basically the idea uh yeah hope that is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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