NFTs feature on Instagram - preview

so here's the here's interesting feature from instagram nfts on instagram this is an early preview uh and they are testing a ways for creators and collectors to share nfts they have created or created or owned on instagram with the shimmer effect it means you will be able to connect your digital wallet and choose which nfts you'd like to share we have updated security features to protect your uh protect your wallet there will be no fees uh blockchains are ethereum and polygon this flow blockchain and solana come coming soon so compatible um uh wallets include metamask rainbow trust wallet coinbase wallet uh so and then yeah you can just uh do that so this is some alpha cohort um this is not forever like just like small amount of users but this is a preview this is like a feed then you can see collectible creator then you can see digital collectible name and then there will be like a separate nft tab in instagram so that's like pretty exciting let's see one there rolling out to more users

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