NFTs on Instagram - what you should know? OVERVIEW

so what you should know about nfts on instagram i'm just going here through instagram twitter account and what they're saying you can see they just released the scene for intensive may that we are testing ways for creators and collectors to share nfts they have created or own on instagram is the shimmer effect and then here you can see some early screenshots this is how your nft collection can look like so again either you own it or you bought it basically it's in your wallet then you can just share it then it will be reflected as a digital collectible so kind of image looks the same uh you you can't really see at the first side but then you will see in the bottom left there is like a digital collectible sign and then on the instagram profile itself you just have this uh tabs and there is additional tab again in the form of hexagons so like similar as on twitter where you can showcase your nfts this means you will be able to connect your digital wallet and choose which nfts you'd like to share we have updated our security features to protect your account and wallet when you connect and will there will be no fees when you post a share and it is on instagram um so blockchains that will be supported ietr and polygon then there is flow blockchain solana and you can you will be able to connect metamask rainbow uh wallet trust wallet coinbase wallet dapper phantom wallet in the near future and like rainbow metamask and trust wallet should be able to connect more but this is um this is where it is now uh but uh like uh this is just for the very early cohort of creators which i which they hand picked from instagram so it's not for everyone so don't expect it to see it in your instagram account yet um so digital collectibles so you'll be able to connect digital wallet sharing automatic tagging of crater and collector uh so if you want to see the digital collectibles in action you can follow these accounts and then you just see this account uh and then uh i don't know about like how uh soon everyone will see that so for example uh let's just go through that so here you can see but i don't know if so i'm just trying to figure out how okay and then let's just check out other account uh so basically now you need to download the latest version of the app to be able to see that okay so this is another app i was looking at so if we just search for instagram you need to to update that and then the feature should be there i think i already did uh still concede uh but yeah for some reason i can't see instagram so anyhow this is the idea so just make sure to follow these accounts and maybe uh then you will be able to to discover these nft features uh hope this is helpful this is a cool announcement and see how it develops

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