NGL AI QUESTIONS - how to know which questions are ai/bot generated?

NGL AI QUESTIONS - how to know which questions are ai/bot generated?

Have you ever received a message or a question and wondered if it was generated by a bot or if it came from a real person? With the rise of AI technology, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between the two. However, if you are using NGL AI, there are a few simple ways to identify whether a question is AI-generated or not.

When you open your inbox in NGL AI, pay attention to one important detail. If you see the phrase "send with love from team NGL" above the reply button, it indicates that the question was generated by an AI bot. On the other hand, if you come across a question where there is a jiggling red button above the reply button, it is most likely a real question from an actual person.

To further streamline your experience, NGL AI offers the option to disable bot-generated questions. Simply navigate to the settings section in NGL messages and turn off this feature. This way, you can focus solely on real questions from real individuals.

During my exploration of NGL AI, one of my viewers shared some interesting examples of how AI-generated questions often appear. They can range from statements such as "please don't leave me unopened again" to claims like "my parents know you in a good way" or even invitations such as "we should go watch a movie." Questions about someone's height or their biggest regret are also common. These peculiarities can help you recognize AI-generated questions more easily.

In conclusion, if you use NGL AI, identifying whether a question is AI-generated or not is a straightforward process. Paying attention to the sender information above the reply button and configuring your settings can help you distinguish between AI-generated questions and those from real individuals. By understanding the nature of the questions you receive, you can efficiently engage in meaningful conversations and prioritize your interactions accordingly.

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